Blue Drop Synthetic Turf

Our Synthetic Turf product line delivers outstanding appearance and durability for any residential, commercial, athletic or recreational area. It eliminates the need for water usage and maintenance, and is people-friendly, pet-friendly, and 100% non-allergenic.

Rubber Safety Surfacing

our Poured In Place Safe Play rubber safety surfacing is utilized on playgrounds and recreational surfaces throughout southern california to create attractive, safe recreational areas that minimizes the risk of injury and adapts to any space and environment.   

Tree Well Surfacing 

Our patented Safe Path Tree Well System provides tremendous advantages over traditional solutions such as metal grates or loose mulch and stone, and at a far lower cost. The system allows the passage of water and retains moisture while saving water usage by 75%. 

The Safe Path system protects and assimilate the growth of the tree torso, eliminates maintenance costs, eliminates weeds, prevents the accumulation of debris, and greatly reduces legal exposure from pedestrian accidents. (us patent 2015/0247292A1US)

Drain Drop

 Drain Drop is a non-skid system with a high drainage capacity of 20 gallons of water per square foot per minute. Our system prevents flooding while also maintaining clean areas for safe pedestrian foot traffic, and greatly reduces maintenance and water costs. Drain Drop has a multitude of applications such as common soil areas, pedestrian areas, decorative paving, garden areas, slopes, terraces and roundabouts, and also allows for custom graphics and designs including corporate logos.

Repairs and Maintenance

Regardless of whether we conducted the original installation, Blue Drop offers complete repair and maintenance services including annual Preventative Maintenance Plans for all rubber safety surfaces,  synthetic grass surfaces, tree wells and landscaping drainage systems.